Is TV Bad For You?

Brianna Bueno, Student Writer

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Have you ever paid attention to the amount of TV you watch each day? Well, let’s take this question one step further. Do you think watching too much TV can be bad for you and affect your school and study habits? Let’s dig in to this issue.

First topic is about brain development. According to the Stanford Children’s Health website, television can highly influence what a child sees as they continue to grow and develop. The website also included that some shows kids watch contain too much violence and children will either develop fear from what they see or try to act out what they see. When a child sits for long periods of time and watches TV they are taken away from healthy activities like being active outside, reading, and studying.

On the web page KidsHealth, it stated that studies have shown the average teen spends about 9 hours a day either online or in front of the TV or video game console. This is not healthy. The same website indicated that children can become obese if they spend too much time in front of the TV because they just sit down and snack. Most of the snacks they eat are not healthy. Television also develops poor eating habits because kids see a lot of commercials that make them crave high-calorie, low-nutrient foods.

According to children who watch TV before going to bed, or children who watch violent images before going to bed can develop problems with difficulty going to sleep or they can have nightmares according to a study in the Pediatrics journal. If a child is having problems sleeping or waking up from nightmares they are probably tired at school. Being tired at school is not a good thing. The website states the side effects of not sleeping enough. It states children can become irritable and stressed if they do not get enough sleep. Lack of sleep also causes kid to become forgetful and have low motivation.

Miss Hernandez, 7th grade English teacher here at KMS, believes students are failing due to a lack of diligence. “They are easily side-tracked by media, such as video games, social media, or television.” She also stated not all TV is bad. She said there are some TV shows that can be educational and mentioned The Discovery Channel, National Geographic, and the Food Network. “These are educational channels that could teach students about wildlife or even life skills, such as cooking,” she said. Miss Hernandez exclaims that there should be a limit to screen time. “There are so many other entertainment options other than TV.”

Elena Ramirez, seventh grader here at KMS, says she watches about 5 hours of television a day, but doesn’t think television affects the way she acts. “It’s mostly just the people around me that affect my actions,” Elena said.

Alexa Avilox, another seventh grader here at KMS said TV and other sorts of technology distracts her from homework. “TV doesn’t change me because I just try staying the same,” Alexa added.


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    Is TV Bad For You?